Group Programs

“Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone”

Creating Change Psychology offers the Hills District community some fantastic group programs. Our groups create engagement and provide support to build healthy and meaningful futures.


A program to develop socially equipped teenagers in the Hills District

Creating Change Psychology is passionate about supporting teens to reach their potential. We empower our young people to initiate social engagement, establish connections and create lasting relationships to ensure they experience a sense of belonging.

After attending #Socialsquad teenagers can expect:

• Effective initiation of social interactions

• Enhanced understanding of emotional experiences

• Improved empathy towards self and others

• Understanding how to gather knowledge in a social context

• Ability to identify and appreciate social differences

• To be proficient with listening and teamwork

• Resilience in the face of difficult social interactions

• Master the art of negotiation and problem solving

• Effective management of mood, worry and loss

• Understanding friendship and applying friendship building skills successfully

For details, take a look at our #socialsquad flyer, or contact us on 02 8883 3185