Kids & Parents

“Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone”

Children of all ages encounter changes, challenges and stages throughout their childhood that can relate to family, emotions, or learning at school. Children can be quite fragile when they experience certain changes, and at Creating Change we have a team of Psychologists who are experts in talking with children to help them to cope, process their feelings, and teach them the skills they require. We will work with the parent or guardian, and teachers if required, should your child need assistance with learning, feeling anxious or need motivating.



I think my child is falling behind in class. What do I do?

My child won’t let me go – the anxiety that comes with attachment

Time to go back to school. How to manage stress or anxiety

Separations or divorce can take their toll on children

Is your child’s emotional development on track?

Taking control of your children’s Social Anxiety

When your child just won’t let go – Managing Separation Anxiety

The benefits of keeping children in a routine through the school holidays

My child is always trying to be perfect with their studies! – Managing expectations


PARENT’S CHECKLIST – Would they benefit from seeing a psychologist?

If you are seeing any of these concerns with your child, take our helpful checklists below to determine if they would benefit from visiting our Psychologists:

• Emotional & Social Development – Take our test


• Social Anxiety

• Separation Anxiety

• Behavioural Challenges

• Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD)

• Emotional Regulation

• Learning Difficulties

• Grief & Loss

Are you wondering what you and your child can expect in the first session with our Psychologists?

Download our Parenting Handout for Children to assist you to prepare for your 1st session.







Take the first step now to helping your child move in the right direction for their own wellbeing and to build a meaningful future.