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Therapy for Children

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Kids of all ages encounter changes, challenges and stages throughout their childhood that can relate to family, emotions, or learning at school. Kids can be quite fragile when they experience certain changes in their life and to their routine.

As parents you want the best for your child, and want them to feel comfortable, calm and that they can be themselves. The Creating Change team of psychologists are experts in talking and interacting with children assisting them to cope, process their feelings, and teach them the skills they require. We are an inclusive practice and always work with parents & guardians throughout the therapy process, explaining the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of how the therapy journey will unfold. We also work with teachers if required – should your child need assistance with learning – if they’re feeling anxious or they need motivating.

Whatever their needs, whatever your concerns, we are here to help and move you as a family towards feeling calm, connected and in control.

Common Challenges for Kids – Advice from our Experts

I think my child is falling behind in class. What do I do?

My child won’t let me go – the anxiety that comes with attachment

Time to go back to school. How to manage stress or anxiety

Separations or divorce can take their toll on children

Is your child’s emotional development on track?

Taking control of your children’s Social Anxiety

When your child just won’t let go – Managing Separation Anxiety

The benefits of keeping children in a routine through the school holidays

My child is always trying to be perfect with their studies! – Managing expectations

Meet Our Child & Teen Psychologists – Choose the Right Fit for You


Therapy for Teenagers & Young Adults

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Moving into the teenage years then the early 20s brings an array of changes and new challenges to manoeuvre for both teenagers, young adults, and their parents.

So they make wise decisions throughout their life, Creating Change is dedicated to ensuring our youth:

  • Develop a secure sense of self
  • Learn to follow their dreams
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and care

We want all teenagers and young adults to be equipped to effectively understand what is happening in their life developmentally, to manage their emotional experiences, to develop effective interpersonal skills, as well as have the tools to be disciplined and maximise their potential.

Common Challenges for Teenagers –  Advice from our Experts

Do your teenager’s emotions oscillate like a rollercoaster? Extreme Moods? Avoidant Behaviour?

Is your teen feeling lost and unsure of who they are?

Are your teenager’s moods extreme – do they seem down and withdrawn?

Are they feeling stressed or worrying about returning to school?

Do they seem distracted by social media or online video games?

Are they finding it difficult to cope with the stress of exams or the HSC?

Are you concerned your teenager is not developing at the expected rate?

Is your teen suffering from performance pressure, or a perfectionist?

Understanding your teens emotions. What’s going on in their brain?

Handling your teenagers messy bedroom

How as a parent you can reconnect with your teen or tween

Dealing with a lazy teen – how to get them to do chores

Teenage romance & break ups – how to cope as a parent

PARENT’S CHECKLIST – Would my child or teenager benefit from seeing a Psychologist?

If you are seeing any of these concerns with your child, take a read of our helpful checklist to determine if they would benefit from visiting one of our experts:

• Emotional & Social DevelopmentGrief & Loss
Gaming & Technology OveruseLow Self-Esteem
Self HarmPerfectionism / Procrastination
Eating DisordersPost-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Social Media Over-ComparingBody Image Issues
Learning DifficultiesBehavioural Challenges

Take the first step to help your teenager move in the right direction for their own wellbeing, and to build a meaningful future. We are open until 9pm Mon-Thurs, until 5pm on Fridays, and we are open alternate Saturdays for your convenience. Contact us to book an appointment on 02 8883 3185.

Creating Change Psychology & Counselling cannot provide emergency interventions. If you are in crisis please contact 000 or your local hospital.