How do I know if my low mood is of concern?

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Are you struggling with low mood, feeling down, flat, and like you have no energy or motivation?
Do you experience a daily sense of hopelessness or helplessness at the prospect of things changing?

One in 25 people in Australia experienced a depressive episode with many more having feelings of low mood that they don’t know how to understand, and manage. It’s when this low mood lasts long term, and increases affecting your day to day life, that you should be concerned.

Checklist to Determine if your Low Mood has Become Depression, Affecting you Daily

do I have depression low mood hopelessness sad self harm

If you checked more than half of the above, what should you do?

– Monitor your mood and daily activities and rate how much pleasure and to what extent you experienced a sense of achievement or accomplishment from engaging in each activity. 

– Approach someone for support, e.g., a family member, friend or your GP.

– If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, please do not hesitate to contact crisis support services such as Lifeline (13 11 14), the Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) or the NSW Mental Health Line (1800 011 511). 

Once you have tried these tips, engaging with a Psychologist will allow you to develop a complete understanding of factors that may be maintaining your low mood, and develop strategies to assist with bringing the joy and meaning back into your life. This will allow you to effectively engage with your family, friends, school or work. Please reach out for support.

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