Adolescent & Young Adult Psychology

“Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone”

Moving into the teenage years then into your 20s brings an array of changes and new challenges to manoeuvre for both teenagers, young adults, and their parents. Creating Change want to ensure they develop a secure sense of self, follow their dreams, develop a sense of responsibility and care so they make wise decisions throughout their life. We want all teenagers and young adults to be equipped to effectively understand what is happening in their life developmentally, to manage their emotional experiences, to develop effective interpersonal skills, and the tools to be disciplined and maximise their potential.



Do your teenager’s emotions oscillate like a rollercoaster?

Is your teen feeling lost and unsure of who they are?

Are your teenager’s moods extreme – do they seem down and withdrawn?

Are they feeling stressed or worrying about returning to school?

Do they seem distracted by social media or online video games?

Are they finding it difficult to cope with the stress of exams or the HSC?

Are you concerned your teenager is not developing at the expected rate?


PARENT’S CHECKLIST – Would they benefit from seeing a psychologist?

If you are seeing any of these concerns with your teenager, take a read of our helpful checklist to determine if they would benefit from visiting our Psychologists:

• Depressed Mood • Relationship & Peer Issues
Gaming & Technology Overuse – Take our test • Sleep Problems
• Self Harm – Take our test • Low Self-Esteem – Take our test
Eating Disorders – Take our test • Grief
• Anxious Worrier • Anger
• Perfectionism / Procrastination • ADHD
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Anger
• Trauma • Low Self-Esteem
• Drug/Alcohol Concerns Body Image Issues Take our test
• Sexual Identity • Family Conflict
• Social Media Over-ComparingTake our test

Take the first step now to helping your teenager move in the right direction for their own wellbeing and to build a meaningful future. Contact us to book an appointment on 02 8883 3185.

Creating Change Psychology & Counselling cannot provide emergency interventions. If you are in crisis please contact 000 or your local hospital.


Are you wondering what you and your child can expect in the first session with our Psychologists?
Download our Parenting Handouts for Adolescents, or Young Adults to assist you to prepare for your 1st session.