“Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone”

Child Psychology

Children of all ages encounter changes, challenges and stages throughout their childhood that can relate to family, emotions, or learning at school. Children can be quite fragile when they experience certain changes, and at Creating Change we have a team of Psychologists who are experts in talking with children to help them to cope, process their feelings, and teach them the skills they require. We will work with the parent or guardian, and teachers if required…read more

Adolescent Psychology

Moving into the teenage years brings an array of changes and new challenges to manoeuvre for both the adolescents and parents. Creating Change want to ensure they develop a secure sense of self, follow their dreams, develop a sense of responsibility and care so they make wise decisions throughout their life. We want all teenagers to be equipped to effectively understand what is happening in their life developmentally, to manage their emotional experiences…read more

Adult Psychology

We want to assist you to be happy, confident and calm. At Creating Change our psychologists will assess your current situation and will provide a personalised treatment plan to help you reach your goals. We offer a variety of approaches to ensure you receive effective, research based and meaningful treatment in a secure and comfortable environment. Our team of expert Psychologists are here to assist adults with the challenges of life…read more

Relationship Counselling

We want to support you through the challenges of your relationships. At Creating Change our counsellors will assist you to build stronger and more satisfying relationships. We offer a variety of approaches for individuals, couples or families to ensure you are heard and receive effective and meaningful treatment in a safe environment. Whatever relationship assistance you are looking for…read more

Child & Adolescent Assessments

Are you concerned your child is not developing at the expected rate? Do you feel like there are barriers stopping your child to reach their full potential? Here at Creating Change we address the barriers that may be hindering your child in reaching their full potential. We believe in working together with you, your child and other professionals to overcome these obstacles….read more

Expert Seminars

Creating Change Psychology offers individuals and parents some great free expert seminars, to assist you with everyday challenges life can throw your way. The information sessions are designed to help you get some direction, advice or tips to ensure your future is on the right path. We have different seminars available of an evening throughout the year…read more

Workplace Assistance

Accidents, injuries and workplace stresses can all have a serious impact on your life including your ability to work. At Creating Change our therapists can provide treatment and assistance to help you or your clients overcome the difficulties faced by these unexpected events. Creating Change Psychology & Counselling provides a range of services to employers and employees….read more