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MPsychotherapy & Couns BSocSc (Psych)


Know Tina

Tina Nguyen is a dedicated and experienced Counsellor with a passion for creating greater confidence and connection in others. Bringing a warm and understanding nature, Tina will ensure you feel at ease. Providing a safe atmosphere for you to navigate your concerns and needs is her paramount concern. Professionally, Tina will give you the guidance and tools needed to move through the next stages of your life, and you can depend on her to be with you for the long haul.

A diverse background growing up in Australia to Vietnamese parents opened Tina to the differing cultural perspectives on mental health. Viewing first-hand the need for family members to receive guidance and support when mental health is misunderstood. This upbringing geared Tina to want to help people and their families, and led her to pursuing psychology and counselling studies.

Tina’s Experience & Approach

You will instantly feel Tina’s kind persona. Her unique approach brings humour and enthusiasm to every therapy session, even during challenging topics. Exploring personal aspirations and goals are of significant interest to Tina, as she takes the time to support you through each step of the change process. Delivering every session with compassion and care.

Tina’s approach ensures clients understand their past, in order to avoid future mistakes. She believes that knowing your influences and setting a plan to create change is essential for long term life satisfaction. Her therapy space encompasses teamwork with successful outcome-oriented development.

As an experienced Counsellor at Creating Change, Tina combines a Bachelor of Social Science Psychology with a Masters of Psychotherapy and Counselling from Western Sydney University. Registered with the Australian Counselling Association, Tina has extensive training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Family Therapy and Relationship Therapy. She has trained at the Student Industry Partnership with young children and adolescents, working together on early mental health support, and creating self-care workshops. Her experience also expands to assisting elderly clients at Southern Cross Age Care with hearing loss, depression, dementia and gaining their independence.


Ideal when connecting with children, adolescents and adults, Tina’s safe and trustworthy presence, along with her bubbly character makes her the right person to have by your side. Collaboratively you will create the positive future you’re searching for. 

Tina’s level of expertise is evident in the range of clinical presentations she treats: generalised anxiety, social anxiety, childhood and adult depression, self-harm, suicide, trauma, addictions, behavioural challenges, time management, organisation planning, cultural acceptance and adaption, and family counselling.

Known For

Tina’s accomplishments include a research project she managed based on mental health in Asian society. Her interest was sparked by the families of Asian descent she came across in Australia, who were shunning mental health within their household. Therefore, the project looked at second generation Asian families who have strict morals and religious traditions to abide by. Their rules around personal independence were set from a young age and passed onto their own children. Their children however are born into the Australian way of life, raising conflict and differences within these families. Her research from 80 families found that family loyalty relied on managing issues such as mental illness within the family unit, as opposed to looking externally for options of support, guidance and strategies for change. Parents with teenage or older children preferred to resort to their known traditions to cope with the new culture shock more easily, whereas younger parents adapted positively to their new Australian way of life, and embraced the change that came with living in a new country.

On a Personal Level

On a personal level, Tina enjoys soaking up the sun during summer, and doesn’t mind going out to fine dining.

Tina’s Appointments

Tina is a full time therapist and devoted to our practice. She is available for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

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