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BSci in Psych (Hons) MAPS

Provisional Psychologist

Know Rickii

Rickii Lotsaris is an accomplished Provisional Psychologist with a passion for guiding children, adolescents, parents and individuals to find the right balance in their life. Compassionate and understanding, her bubbly nature creates a secure space for you to share your concerns, and explore ways to become the best version of yourself. Creatively, Rickii’s expertise includes working with children for over 8 years in a teaching space, instilling motivation techniques and working with primary and high school age groups on a variety of academic challenges.

Rickii felt from a young age that she always wanted to help people, and she has a real passion to guide individuals to find their own unique life balance. She ensures all her therapy sessions are tailored to your own situation and that she will remain with you right throughout your journey of change. How the mind works, emotions and memory fascinates her, and she is highly empathetic to those that struggle to cope with their emotions. She places a real emphasis on acknowledging her clients, overcoming that struggle and mastering the changes long term. 

Rickii’s Experience & Approach

Taking a collaborative approach, Rickii places a real emphasis on teamwork, ensuring you always have a voice. It is through this collaboration there is an agreement between you and her, where both parties are accountable and feedback is encouraged.

As an experienced Provisional Psychologist at Creating Change, Rickii holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours), with extensive training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy, Behavioural Activation for depression, time management and social exposure. Her results speak volumes as she actively progresses teenagers through challenging school times, assisting them to maintain motivation and feel proud of their achievements. She spent 4 years as a study motivator using mindfulness techniques and skills to teach students to study smarter, not harder. This encouraged them to feel less stressed and clearer heading into exams. Equally, Rickii has also conducted research across many topics, including; the memory capacity of adults to understand their ability to think critically about asking open-ended questions; and researching police interviewing techniques and case files for a potential wrongful conviction.


A successful coach of children and teenagers in sporting and dance related endeavours, Rickii collaboratively works with children and their parents to manage the pressure, stress, and expectations that come with extracurricular activities. She also has an extreme appreciation for research within this field and how it informs therapeutic practice. Her passion extends to body image concerns, eating disorders, and general health and wellbeing in adults and children, working with you to develop a positive mindset. Dedicated and attentive in her manner Rickii will give complete focus, taking the time to build rapport to work through your challenges.

Her level of expertise is evident in the broad range of presentations she treats: depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, body image concerns, eating disorders, sport anxiety & pressure, exam stress, sleep hygiene, OCD, motivation, friendship and relationship challenges, career planning, self-esteem, self-harm, behavioural challenges, anger and learning difficulties.

Known For

Rickii’s accomplishments include the completion of her first-class honours’ thesis on memory for repeated events of domestic violence, where she researched how memory can be improved, so witnesses can appear more credible in court. A victim’s believability in court is hindered when they become confused between each violent event. She discovered first-hand that if the witness can focus on the uniqueness of each event, then they’ll have better memory for that specific event. Her findings proved that when isolating the specific event, memory confusion is avoided. 

On a Personal Level

Rickii is an avid classical ballet dancer, and enjoys swimming and reading in the sun, spending time with family, and trying new restaurants with friends. She identifies herself as a real “foodie”!

Rickii’s Appointments

Rickii is a full time therapist and devoted to our practice. She is available for appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

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