Dr Marija Radojevic

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PhD Psych (Clinical) MPsych (Clinical) BArts (Hons) BAppSc (OT) MAPS

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Know Marija

Dr Marija Radojevic is a dedicated Senior Clinical Psychologist, passionate about family mental health and supporting individuals with daily life challenges. In particular, she is fascinated by the manner in which early experiences influence subsequent developmental trajectories, for better or worse. 

Warm & compassionate, Marija brings her very ‘real’ character to her sessions, allowing you the space to be open, honest and feel like you can be yourself throughout your therapy journey. Bringing light-hearted humour to what can sometimes be serious subjects, Marija’s extensive experience and knowledge ensures she shares wisdom and encouragement with her clients. She has developed an interest over the years with clients experiencing attachment (infants, children & adults), as well as trauma in children and adults.

Born and raised in Western Sydney, Marija grew up at the foot of the Blue Mountains after her parents emigrated to Australia after WWII. She was always encouraged to be a child for as long as you could be and have free expression of ideas. This encouragement of an enquiring mind activated her interest in people. Marija has always had a curiosity about the way people feel, and how we use our unique personalities; cultural & religious backgrounds; and social environment to adapt to our circumstances. Her natural curiosity about our reflective nature, or lack of it, is what led her down the psychology path.

Marija’s Experience & Approach

With 30 years’ experience helping people overcome their mental health challenges, Marija has become very integrative with her approach to therapy. She has experienced first-hand many types of approaches, seeking to always be attentive & respectful in her sessions. She continually validates her clients, as she believes that no one knows you, better than YOU.

As an experienced Senior Clinical Psychologist at Creating Change, Marija combines a PhD and Masters in Clinical Psychology, with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and a Bachelor of Applied Science (OT). She has extensive training in CBT, Schema Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques.


Taking the time to learn about your family of origin and social support network is important to Marija, as she believes this is an integral part of your overall therapy journey. Her level of expertise is evident in the broad range of presentations she treats: child & adult trauma, adult & child ADHD, infant/child/adult attachment, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, OCD, separation anxiety, stress, grief & loss, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, as well as support for infants, children, adolescents & families.

Known For

Marija infrequently writes as a columnist for “Parents” magazine and has previously created the successfully run “Family Matters” column for the Sydney Morning Herald. She is also an avid writer, publishing the book “Anthony’s Story” – a heartbreaking story that paints a portrait of a teenage boy’s life affected by child sexual abuse. 

In 2006 Marija was invited by the Royal Family of Serbia to consult to the Serbian Institute of Mental Health, with a special focus on consultation to the Princess Katherine Foundation SOS hotline for young people. In 1993 Marija was awarded the Macquarie University Travelling Research Scholarship, furthering her skills and programmatic research in attachment and developmental psychopathology. She has also worked on a ‘Failure to Thrive’ project at the Child Development Unit of The New York Hospital Cornell Medical Centre.

Marija has frequently travelled to the USA to become skilled in the use of the Adult Attachment Interview and in the Ainsworth Strange Situation. She is proficient in the Positive Parenting Program, a program now used internationally and in various languages as the ‘gold standard’ in parenting education. Her education expands to also include the Circle of Security which has arisen out of the accumulation of Attachment Research.

On a Personal Level

Marija’s greatest pleasure is spending time with her husband and family. She love’s walking her dog, keeping in contact with friends for her own wellbeing, going out for coffee or dinner, cricket, the gym, reading and writing. She loves the Arts – theatre, music, dance – it’s refreshing for the soul.

Dr Marija’s Appointments

Marija is a devoted therapist at our practice and is available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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