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MPsych (Clinical) BPsych (Hons)


Know Kya

Kya Porter is a talented psychologist, passionate about inspiring adults, adolescents and children into action towards their vision. Warm & compassionate, Kya explores your concerns always maintaining a safe and personal space. Kya’s authentic and personable nature puts you at ease right from the start. 

Bringing a worldliness to her work, Kya’s curiosity for human behaviour drove her headfirst into the world of psychology.  As she watched those around her struggle through life’s experiences, it cultivated Kya’s empathy and desire to fully understand and investigate the functionality of the brain.  Kya wanted answers to questions such as “Why people have OCD tendencies despite knowing the facts of the matter?”. Despite learning these commonalities of the brain, Kya highlights that all individuals are different, and each person has their own story to tell. In meeting you she ensures you feel heard, experience compassion and that she will invest every effort to really understand you.

Kya’s Experience & Approach

Kya’s approach is extremely open-minded, and she likes to work collaboratively with you as a team. Acknowledging individual differences, Kya understands that one approach does not fit all. Consequently, her therapeutic style and intervention is tailored you and your current situation. Kya often brings creativity to her sessions, especially with children, allowing them to feel comfortable, as well as enabling her to work together therapeutically in the best way possible.

As an experienced Psychologist at Creating Change, Kya combines a Master of Clinical Psychology with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree, and has extensive training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and can work within a Schema Therapy framework. Kya is also highly skilled training with Lifeline in mental health first aid, applied suicide intervention training, non-suicidal self-injury, and domestic violence.


Her passion is working with all ages, assisting adults, children and adolescents. She brings with her a distinct understanding and ability to communicate effectively with her younger clients. Taking the time to really understand the impact that experiences can have on a child’s development, Kya is devoted to help them build a strong foundation for their future. 

Her level of expertise is evident in the broad range of presentations she treats: OCD, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, separation anxiety, Panic Disorder, sleep disorders, depression, stress management, parenting support and behavioural challenges in children and adolescents.

Known For

Kya’s accomplishments include research into how people with Intellectual Disability (ID) engage with death. This investigation encompassed the “Dying to Talk” program which helped support workers engage people with ID in talking about death. It was found that people with ID have the capacity to understand dying and that much of this understanding comes from being engaged in rituals and related discussions. Research indicated that those with ID can identify a range of emotions in many different facets of death, and they are aware that they need to seek social support to deal with these emotions. It became clear throughout the research that those studied largely have the capacity to choose, make wishes and specific plans for this stage in their life. 

In addition to this research, Kya has several years’ experience working in disability support with children and adolescents, and has also worked with young adults (12-25 years) and their families in public mental health, helping clients with severe mental illnesses and psychosis to manage and develop purpose in their life.

On a Personal Level

On a personal level, Kya enjoys being outside in nature as much as possible, and loves bushwalking and horse riding.

Kya’s Appointments

Kya has appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

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"People only seriously consider change when they feel accepted for exactly who they are – Carl Rodgers"