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B Health Science Dip. Applied Social Science (Counselling) B Applied Social Science (Counselling)


Know Hitika

Hitika Bhatia is a passionate and diversely experienced Counsellor. Focusing on supporting those with chronic health conditions, pain, anxiety and depression, as well as individuals escaping domestic violence, couple and family challenges and life transitions. Warm and respectful, Hitika uses metaphorical examples to enhance understanding, and brings healthy humour to what can often be serious issues. You will instantly feel her genuine and honest persona as she earnestly helps individuals and families to establish full and purposeful lives.

Born into a spiritual family, meditation and healthy living are Hitika’s core values. She believes through meditation and yoga, a healthy environment can be created and your mind can become your best friend. Warm and empathetic, Hitika is also refreshingly realistic in her treatment sessions. Supporting individuals through her extremely knowledgeable approach, Hitika provides in-depth education on health conditions, pain, injuries and post-surgical challenges. Further providing strategies to cope with the stress, adaption and secondary issues that arise. Assisting relationships to ensure effective boundaries and communication strategies to allow them to survive mixed cultures and language barriers, is another of Hitika’s fortes.

Hitika’s Experience & Approach

Hitika balances both clinical and therapeutic aspects, using a holistic approach to bring about positive change. Her background in medicine, combined with her own family experience, leads Hitika to have an authentic interest in the techniques of therapy, and how this can be used to reach desired outcomes.

Hitika’s initial journey was down the path of medicine, where she quickly learnt that having the time to really establish connection and understand a client’s journey was essential. This is what led her to become a therapist, so she could really spend quality time to uncover the many layers of each person. Ensuring enough quality time is available, with each story to understand and facilitate change, was of the utmost importance.

As an experienced Counsellor at Creating Change, Hitika combines a Bachelor of Health Science, a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) with a Diploma of Applied Social Science (Counselling). She is registered with the Australian Counselling Association and has extensive training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectial Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Art Therapy for trauma and Multicultural Therapy. 


Hitika is passionate about supporting survivors of domestic violence, including those exposed to emotional, financial, mental and physical abuse, or gaslighting. Moving from India to Australia at a young age, Hitika has a first hand understanding of the cultural challenges families face, including identity crisis and leading dual lives. She thrives to understand and work collaboratively with families, evolving their customs and progressing the way in which they interact with their children.

Hitika’s level of expertise is evident in the range of clinical presentations she treats: parentification and adolescent identity issues, trauma, PTSD, addiction, social anxiety, HSC stress and fear of the future, career advising, adaption to injury, chronic pain, post-surgery adjustment, domestic violence, menopause, LGBTQ, couples and family counselling.

Known For

Hitika’s accomplishments include introducing Legal Literacy for Domestic Violence, a program designed as a step between seeking counselling support and seeking legal advice. Domestic violence victims often don’t know their rights, however, may not be ready for legal advice. The program offers an interim step, and they can avail whenever they are ready to move forward.

Hitika is also eagerly involved in working on equality for Indian women. Her research covers the highly patriarchal culture, including observations on what they are searching for, their approach towards both daily life and meaningful life events.

On a Personal Level

Hitika loves spending time with her family & husband, celebrating festivals, dancing, exploring new areas, hiking, sports, getting outdoors in nature, watching sunrises, trying new foods and going out for breakfast.

Hitika’s Appointments

Hitika has appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Saturdays are at our Round Corner Dural location

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"Out of your vulnerabilities, will come your strength - Sigmund Freud"