Carmela De Robertis

Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone

MPsych (Clinical) pursuing MProfPsych BSci in Psych (Hons) Dip Languages (Italian) MAPS

Provisional Psychologist

Know Carmela

Carmela De Robertis is a dedicated Provisional Psychologist, passionate about effectively helping individuals, especially children, teenagers and young adults, to become goal driven in order to live the life they dream of. Genuine and empathetic, Carmela believes that therapy is collaborative, and is an avid listener to ensure she gains a thorough understanding of your challenges.

Developing an endless fascination for people, Carmela genuinely loves helping others and being that person, they can rely on. She was once told that there are oceans and oceans of information that you’ll never know about a person. For Carmela, this is what drove her interest towards Psychology and mental health. She aims to find as many little droplets as she can to support you through whatever storm you face. 

Growing up in Adelaide, Carmela lived for a short time in Melbourne before moving to Sydney. Wanting to be in the field of mental health since she was a teenager, Carmela knew she was meant to help others. She spent seven months living and studying abroad in Bologna, Italy. Hard work, persistence, and the experience of living in different places has helped shape who Carmela is, and the type of psychologist she has become. 

Carmela’s Experience & Approach

Carmela has an extremely approachable nature, being directive in her sessions when required. She creates a safe space for you to explore your concerns and likes to prioritise what you’re ultimately there to achieve, without judgement. She sets clear expectations in her sessions, and likes to work collaboratively as a team, with the client is in the driver’s seat. 

As an experienced Provisional Psychologist at Creating Change Carmela combines a Master of Professional Psychology, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) degrees, and holds a Diploma in Languages (Italian). She is also in the final stages of her a Master of Clinical Psychology. Her training includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Imaginal Exposure Therapy (short term trauma therapy), and short-term psychodynamic therapy.


Carmela believes; and there is research to support; that there is inherently something therapeutic in having someone attentively listen to you, and be focused only on you in a room together. She takes a lot of pleasure in being that person for an individual, and likes to problem solve. The application of psychometric testing is of keen interest to Carmela, creating her own form of measurement scale as a part of her honour’s thesis.

Her level of expertise is evident in the broad range of presentations she treats: Anxiety Disorders, depression & low mood, interpersonal issues & relationships, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, child & teen parenting challenges, and emotional regulation.

On a Personal Level

Carmela is quite creative playing both the piano and cello, and enjoys self-expression & self-care through her creative writing. She loves to attend live music and is an avid soccer & AFL fanatic.

Carmela’s Appointments

Carmela is a devoted therapist at our practice. She is available for appointments on Thursdays, alternate Tuesdays & alternate Saturdays.

Carmela de Robertis child psychologist therapist hills district

"You aren’t what’s happened to you, you’re how you’ve overcome it – Beau Taplin"