Avalon Tissue

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MPsych (Clinical) BScience (Hons)


Avalon Tissue is an award-winning psychologist focusing on child and parenting therapy, as well as working with adults who have experienced traumatic events. Avalon has a reputation for her warm, enthusiastic, and compassionate care. She combines a supportive and caring environment with the most up-to-date psychological research to assist individuals, children, and their families thrive.

Avalon has vast experience working with a diverse range of clients and their related concerns including anxiety, depression, adjustment (including complex bereavement), substance use and abuse, complex trauma, and PTSD. As a child psychologist, she is an expert in the treatment of children who are experiencing difficulties including anxiety, temper tantrums, attentional difficulties, and adjustment to major life changes like family separation and starting school. She works collaboratively with parents to help navigate the challenges of parenting and family life and to enable children to live happier and more balanced lives. In her work with children and families, you can count on her creativity, good-natured humour, and approachable manner to make you and your child feel safe and supported.

Avalon’s expertise in children is also combined with working directly with adults who have experienced difficult or traumatic life events. She will work with you to change longstanding patterns of behaviour, with the goal of living a happier and more fulfilled life. Together with you, Avalon will help you gain insight into the patterns in your life and work towards fulfilment and closure. She has successfully helped clients make sense of their early experiences and reclaim their lives using caring, insightful, and supportive guidance.

Avalon holds a Master of Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Science (Honours, First Class) from the University of Sydney. She has previously practiced in the Child Behaviour Research Clinic working in cutting-edge treatment for children with behavioural difficulties, the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick working with a wide variety of children and parents, in private inpatient settings working with police officers, veterans, and survivors of early childhood abuse, and at the University of Sydney Psychology Clinic with diverse members of the community. Avalon has extensive experience in helping people change their outlook on life through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, identifying and changing longstanding patterns and relationship difficulties using Schema Therapy, and helping people to develop a healthier relationship with their emotions using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.  Avalon has received the A.H. Martin Award for clinical excellence from the University of Sydney and the Psychfest Award for her research into developing new diagnostic tools for use in child and adolescent mental health.

On a personal level, Avalon enjoys hiking and spending quality time with friends and family.

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy - Leo Buscaglia, 1924–98"

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