How We Change Lives

“Making Psychology Accessible to Everyone”


As founder and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Creating Change, it is apparent to me that our vibrant Hills District community is comprised of people with a passion for life.

People just like you, determined to reach great heights in the things that matter most. Perhaps it’s wanting a better connection with family, fulfilling your dream for a business or as an entrepreneur, or simply sharing a win with team mates. Big or modest, your goals are achievable. It is my dream to provide the support and resources both you and the community need to thrive.

Rebecca Deane




Greg was dissatisfied in his job, felt hopeless, helpless and unmotivated.
Sitting alone each night he couldn’t see a way out so turned to a few drinks.
After 10 therapy sessions he was hopeful, renovating his home, travelling
interstate to visit family, r
econnecting with old friends and exercising. He
still enjoys a social drink on the weekend. 

Olivia (16yrs) was anxious about school. She had no contact with peers,
refused to attend at all, and was 
oppositional and demanding at home.
After 16 therapy sessions she was attending school four days a week,
taking personal ownership of her learning and being respectful towards
her parents – most of the time!

Mia (9yrs) feared accidents while using transport – planes, cars, buses –
following exposure to a couple of extreme crashes. She had tummy pains,
headaches and meltdowns 
when expected to travel or when unexpected
situations occurred. 
This distressed her whole family. After 30 therapy
sessions she was able
to use all forms of transport despite occasional
waves of low-level anxiety.

Karen experienced notable childhood trauma resulting in meltdowns,
difficulties maintaining stable friendships and, at times, extreme
behaviours such as self-harming. After 70 therapy sessions she
completed a master’s degree, was working as a teacher and
involved in 
an intimate relationship.