Child & Adolescent Psychology

“Thriving Mothers Create Cohesive Families”

We want to assist your family to be happy, confident and calm. At Creating Change our Psychologists will assess your families current situation and will provide a personalised treatment plan to help you and your child or adolescent reach your goals. We offer a variety of approaches to ensure you receive effective, research based and meaningful treatment in a secure and comfortable environment.

We help children & adolescents with the following health issues:

• Depression Social Anxiety
• Bipolar Disorder • Sleep Problems
• Developmental Disorders • Bullying
General Anxiety Disorder • Bereavement Disorders / Grief
• Phobic Disorders Relationship Difficulties
• Panic Disorder • Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Anger
Study Stress • Low Self-Esteem
• Alcohol Abuse Shyness and Social Skills Deficits
• Drug Abuse • Adjustment Disorder (incl. chronic health conditions)

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Creating Change Psychology & Counselling cannot provide emergency interventions. If you are in crisis please contact 000 or your local hospital.