“Thriving Mothers Create Cohesive Families”

Psychologists Explain the Benefits of Baking for Other People

Did you know that activites such as baking, can help to reduce stress? People who bake use any excuse to heat up their ovens. They bake a cake to crown someone’s birthday, labor over cookies to celebrate a holiday, and whip up brownies because everyone loves chocolate. But it turns out that ...

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Opening the doors to your local Psychologist

What can you expect from your local Hills District Psychologist, Creating Change? Here at Creating Change, we pride ourselves on welcoming everyone from any background or walk of life, to come and feel comfortable during your visit with us. We are local, located in the Hills District, Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista, and ...

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People serving themselves at an all-you-can-eat buffet

Does Hunger Matter Anymore?

Have you ever been sitting at your office desk, engrossed in a task or watching television whilst eating, then all of a sudden realized that you have finished that packet of chips, chocolate or lollies? Do you have a tendency ...

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Male and female experiencing relationship difficulties

Navigating Conflict: Tips for couples

It’s only natural that as spouses develop intimacy and interdependence they become more vulnerable to each other. As this vulnerability increases, conflict in the relationship becomes inevitable.  We often perceive conflict as something negative; however research shows that not all conflict is bad. In fact, some conflicts produce positive outcomes for ...

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