Our Values

“Thriving Mothers Create Cohesive Families”

At Creating Change Psychology & Counselling we believe that a healthy mind and body is everybody’s right. We provide a safe, calm and respectful environment in which you can explore your concerns and build a healthy and meaningful future.

With Creating Change Psychology & Counselling you can work towards:

•   A peaceful mind
•   Finding purpose and meaning in your day
•   Feeling energised and engaged
•   Building stronger and more satisfying relationships
•   Feeling confident and worthwhile

Whether addressing daily stressors or working through major traumas, Creating Change Psychology & Counselling aims to provide tailored, evidence-based treatments focusing on education and coping skills to manage your difficulties more effectively. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and actively work with your treating professionals to ensure you receive quality care.

We also believe that a strong thriving community is essential for maintaining our mental health. Therefore we are actively participating in our local community by co-ordinating a Clean Up Australia site and raising money for the A21 Campaign to stop human trafficking.