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“Instilling Resilience & Inspiration in Children”
Rebecca Deane

Director & Senior Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clinical) MA (Forensic Psych) BA (Psych) MAPS CCLIN

Rebecca Deane is a dedicated Senior Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Creating Change Psychology and Counselling. She is an accomplished therapist excelling in the field of ‘Trauma and Adaption to Change Stemming from Early Life Experiences’. Rebecca’s distinct reputation More on Rebecca Deane »

Dr Louise Johnson

Senior Clinical Psychologist

DPsych (Clinical) MClinPsych BSocSc (Hons) MAPS CCLIN

Louise Johnson is a dedicated Senior Clinical Psychologist at Creating Change Psychology and Counselling. As an accomplished therapist, she excels in the field of anxiety and depression. Recognised as a warm, reliable, and knowledgeable therapist, Louise earnestly helps individuals and More on Dr Louise Johnson »

Greg Pankhurst

Senior Clinical Psychologist

MA (Psych) BA (Psych) Dip (Ind, Coup & Fam Therapy) MAPS CCLIN CCOUNS

Accomplished Senior Clinical Psychologist, Greg Pankhurst, has been an integral member of Creating Change Psychology and Counselling for several years. Highly skilled at assisting men with traumatic stress and personal relationships, Greg’s gentle, humorous approach to treatment is well regarded. More on Greg Pankhurst »

Nazmin Khan

Relationship Counsellor

MCouns BSocSc (Couns. & Mediation) GDip (Couple & Family)

Nazmin is a devoted Senior Relationship Counsellor and a longstanding associate of Creating Change Psychology and Counselling. She is a dynamic game changer when it comes to relationships.  As an accomplished therapist in couple and family interactions, Nazmin’s distinct reputation More on Nazmin Khan »

Dr Bianca Heng

Clinical Psychologist

DPsych (Clinical) BPsych (Hons) MAPS

Dr Bianca Heng is a leading Clinical Psychologist in the field of social anxiety and internet addictions. At the heart of her proficiency is a trustworthy, efficient, meticulous and caring nature. A warm, dependable presence in her clients’ lives, Bianca More on Dr Bianca Heng »

Chantelle Martyn


MPsych (Clinical) BPsych (Hons) BMedSc (Neuroscience) ACPA MAPS

Chantelle has experience in a range of environments, including a university clinic and community mental health services, working with anxiety disorders in adults and a child, adolescent and family mental health service providing both inpatient and outpatient care to children More on Chantelle Martyn »

Peta Willliams


MPsych (Clinical) BPsych MAPS

Peta Williams is a highly skilled Psychologist known for being caring, humorous and passionate about her work. Vastly experienced in assisting children and adolescents, she creates a fun, safe space in which they can explore and develop their emotional needs More on Peta Willliams »

Xanthe Armitage

Senior Psychologist

BSocial Science (Psych) PGDip (Psychology) MAPS

Xanthe Armitage is an accomplished Senior Psychologist at Creating Change Psychology and Counselling. As an experienced therapist, she works with a diversity of clients including students and corporate senior managers. Xanthe is prevalently known for being warm, compassionate, engaging and More on Xanthe Armitage »

Jenn Broekhuijse


MPsych (Clinical) BPsych (Hons)

Jenn Broekhuijse is an accomplished Psychologist with a passion for working with adolescents and young adults with anxiety and low mood. Approachable and friendly, Jenn’s calm, caring manner provides a safe atmosphere in which to comfortably explore your emotional needs. More on Jenn Broekhuijse »

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