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We offer Saturday and after hours appointments. Easy access parking on-site. Appointments available now. Expert Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologists. Male and female psychologists available. Personalised treatment plans. Private, comfortable rooms.

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Do you find yourself eating for the sake of eating, and you’re not even hungry? Have you ever been sitting at your office desk, engrossed in a task or watching television whilst eating, then all of a sudden realise that Read more »

Knowing when your child’s shyness is a phase or a real problem It can be a challenge to determine whether a child is an introvert by nature or has developed fears around social interactions. Empowering you as a parent to Read more »

We live in an ever-changing world where technological advances and the internet have become a necessary part of everyday life. Perhaps it is not surprising that a growing number of children and adults alike are spending a significant amount of Read more »

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